Relapse Prevention – Problems With The Use Of A Substance

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Relapse is an anticipated component of the treatment of substance use and recovery processes. In general, early warning signs appear well before relapse. It is possible to recognize these signs and act to avoid relapse.

If there is a relapse, this does not mean that the chronic relapse treatment has failed, that the client does not have the required strength of character or that the caregiver has made a mistake. The person experiencing a substance use problem must develop and practice various skills to avoid relapse. Relapse should be seen as an opportunity for the person to think about how to deal with similar situations in the future. However, if a person repeatedly relapses, it may mean that they are dealing with a more serious disorder that has not been diagnosed, such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

It happens to everyone to have strong desires and to be in an intense state of need. You have to learn to cope with it to avoid a relapse.

Risk Factors

Some people may find themselves in a situation or feelings that increase their risk of relapse. A person whose life is stressful and demanding may consider that the use of a substance is the only way to experience pleasure or escape stress. The following factors may increase the risk of relapse:

a negative emotional state such as anger, anxiety, depression, frustration or boredom;

conflicts that provoke negative emotions;

the social pressure exerted by people who use a substance.

Pleasant activities such as birthdays, weddings or meetings can increase the risk of relapse if alcohol is served at these celebrations. In some people, intense feelings, even if it is a feeling of happiness, cause unease. This may lead them to use a substance to try to lessen the intensity of the emotions they feel. Other people use a substance to try to intensify positive emotions.

Prevent The Resumption Of Use Of A Substance

A person who is able to cope with high-risk situations is less likely to treatment. In addition, a person who recognizes that the use of a substance may have negative consequences, even though it may arouse pleasure for some time, is less likely to relapse than a person who sees only pleasure.

When a person relapses, his reaction to this “gap” may partly determine whether he will start using a substance in large quantities again. People who feel they have no control over their use of a substance are more likely to start using it again. Those who consider relapse as a unique event in which they have not responded effectively and as an opportunity to find more effective ways to cope with similar situations are less likely to re-start using a substance.

Relapse Prevention Strategies For Problems Related To The Use Of A Substance

The Following Strategies Can Help Your Parent Avoid A Relapse:

Recognize the return or worsening of symptoms of the mental health problem (such as manic behavior, worsening depression, self-destruc- tion) that in the past have often been associated with the resumption of mental illness, use of a substance.

Identify situations in which the person may have difficulty composing (eg, for a large number of people, it is risky to be in places where they used a substance in the past, such as a bar, and in the presence of people with whom they were taking alcohol or other drugs).

Develop strategies to deal with these high-risk situations. For example, a person may refuse to drink at a social event if they go to a place where they offer non-alcoholic beverages or go out with friends who support their decision not to drink and who do not drink excessive.

Remove anything that could cause a substance to be used (eg, a person with an alcohol problem may remove all alcohol bottles, his or her favorite glasses, from the home for at least a certain period of time , corkscrews and bottle openers).

Practice techniques to deal with stressful situations (eg, meditation, anger control, positive thinking, withdrawal from the situation).

Indulge in activities that give more impression that her life is balanced, such as relaxation, stress management, time management, caring for a pet, physical exercise and yoga.

Develop a “Relapse Plan” that outlines the steps you can take to deal with or avoid high-risk situations.

Be prepared to deal with relapse. Try to figure out what triggered the relapse. Consider relapse as an opportunity to prepare to face similar situations in the future and not as a mistake.

As new ways of avoiding relapse and coping with stress are discovered and used, we learn to control the situation, which reduces the risk of relapse.

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Home Tips To Grow Eyelashes

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Are you still thinking how long does it take for eyelashes to grow, then you must read this article for the answer of your query with natural ways. The lashes give a special frame to the look. Even if we use the best mask quality , naturally having  long, arched lashes really is a goal of beauty for all. But there is one drawback: the eyelashes grow much slower than the hair, and some women do not have very long eyelashes.

Can you do something about it? Of course. Let’s look at some home tricks to make your eyelashes grow.

Nutrients That Help Grow Eyelashes

A fundamental aspect to stimulate the growth of the eyelashes is the nutrition. There are vitamins and minerals that help your growth:

Vitamin H

This vitamin B complex helps metabolize fats and proteins, resulting in more healthy hair growth, including lashes. There are vitamin H supplements to stimulate hair growth , and we also find this nutrient in foods like egg yolk, yeast, sardines, legumes and nuts.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

It is considered the essential nutrient for healthy hair as it helps to absorb vitamins A, D, E and K effectively to nourish hair. Choose fish and supplements with these fatty acids to aid in the growth of eyelashes.


A diet rich in antioxidants promotes healthy hair and eyelashes. Antioxidants have a protective effect on your hair: you can apply a healing serum to your eyelashes and consume foods rich in antioxidants such as cherries, apples, pears, green leafy vegetables, legumes, fish, nuts and olive oil.

Cheats for Growing Lashes

These Beauty Tricks Will Help You Have Long, Thick Eyelashes:

  • Apply olive oil, castor oil or petroleum jelly to your eyelashes at night before bedtime, and gently remove with a cotton swab in the mornings. If you use castor oil, mix it with a little natural vanilla essence.
  • Cut out minimally! The tips of your eyelashes to grow faster and longer.
  • Take off your eyelash mask every night, without exception, before bed. Do not remove the makeup will progressively damage your eyelashes.
  • In the morning apply a product with vitamin E on the eyelashes using a swab, before putting on your makeup.

Try these tricks and be patient: you will see that if you are consistent, your eyelashes will start to grow longer and stronger. Have you tried any of these tricks to make your eyelashes grow?

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Premature Ejaculation: Ask Men

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According to sexologists, this problem intermittently or constantly faced 30% of adult men all over the world but mostly are in Spain. And their friends, respectively, too. Men told us about their experiences and about the “pleasure stretch” opportunities.

What Causes It?

With rare exceptions, premature ejaculation – and it comes before or after the introduction of the penis – amenable to treatment at any age. To remedy this situation, first of all we need to find out what causes it spawned.

Fear Of Failure

The desire to successfully have intercourse and keep an erection can lead to fear of failure, when a man only thinks about one thing: I’ll be at a height? Once women have gained sexual freedom, fears men have become more pronounced, because now they are demanding partner often outraged, if not get the desired.

The Consequences Of The First Sexual Experience

If the first sexual experience was for a man fails, he may develop and consolidate a reflex inhibition. His upbringing, once gave rise to feelings of guilt, or the painful memory of the ridicule (for example, on the size of his penis) can cause again and again and the fear of failure interfere with sexual intercourse.

Irregularity Of Sexual Contact

If a man has sex infrequently, it strengthens his sexual hyperexcitability. In other words, the smaller the male sexual contact, the more marked will be its tendency to premature end of sexual intercourse.

Psychological Conflicts

Premature ejaculation can trigger psychological problems of men or conflicts within the couple. In this case, premature ejaculation acts as a self-punishment or unconscious desires GR-avenge partner.


As obvious and latent depression violates the mechanisms of sexual attraction. Depression, as well as other causes of premature ejaculation is often multiplied by the characteristic of men in difficulty expressing emotions.

Physical Pain

The pain of any origin (neuralgia, pain in bones and joints, pain in the penis or testicles …) can push a man to the rapid completion of intercourse. If the penetration is causing the pain in the vaginal area of ​​their partner, most of all, a man, too, will seek to quickly finish the intercourse.

Can I Deal With It?

Methods for the treatment of premature ejaculation are as diverse as its cause. Sometimes it is useful to resort to drugs, but in most cases enough to pass (short) and psychotherapy to learn a series of exercises. The French sexologist Jeanine Ueso (Jeanyne Hueso) has developed an effective method to eliminate this disorder, which used techniques of behavioral therapy and hypnosis. The technique is designed only four sessions and consists of three phases.

Ejaculation Control

This is quite a simple mechanical method lies in the fact that man, feeling the approach of ejaculation, gives the partner a sign by which she must strongly squeeze the base of the penis. Mechanical compression prevent sperm up to the urethra. During the first exercise, followed by a second “start-stop”, when a man changes the rhythm of the movements and even at all can stop them, depending on the excitation level. There are man safe pills like Probolan 50 which you can check here at for more details. These types of medicines are the best choice if the execrcices not work, which we have seen in some cases.

Removing The Fear Of Failure

For this purpose, various psychological techniques, including hypnosis. “Based on the information that I told a client, I create a text with a lot of metaphors, it is focused on that person, and record it on tape with a special accompanying music-Niemi – explains Janine Ueso. – While listening to this record, the client begins to feel more confident. “

Attention To Partner

Further analysis of the nuances of male attitudes to the partner. Here, the root causes of problems, such as vaginal fear can be identified, latent homosexuality or sadistic tendencies. In this context, premature ejaculation is good already that pays attention to these psychotherapists hidden hand of the person.

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Ways To Last More Time In Bed Delaying Ejaculation

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Do you constantly feel bad because you cannot keep an erection long enough to satisfy your woman? If so, it may be time to start counting ways to last longer in bed. Maybe counting sheep will not help, but learning to contain ejaculation will make a big difference in your love life.

Men are trapped in a universal and twisted joke. Women take almost twice as long as them to reach orgasm. This creates a time problem between the sexes. When men are young, sex is too exciting and they reach the climax very fast. When men mature, they may not be able to do it so often and that is why they feel the pressure of having to last longer. One of the ways to last longer in bed is to train to contain the ejaculation.

Containing ejaculation may seem like you are thwarting the purpose of sex, which is to have a great orgasm. No one said that you could not reach the climax, you should only delay it as much time as you decide. So you can satisfy any woman, you will feel more pleasure yourself and you can reach orgasm when you are ready. Containing ejaculation helps men of all ages to last longer in bed to be able to satisfy women.

Websites are full of ads about creams and pills that offer techniques to last longer in bed. Apart from the expense, why would someone use products that can ruin the sensations that make sex so pleasurable? What you need is pleasure and duration. Getting to dominate the situation and being able to contain the ejaculation will allow you to achieve both and perhaps much more. Penis exercices can help you in Penis Stretching towards bigger penis. If you feel uncomfortable with penis exercices then you have another option is kegel exercices.

Kegel exercises will help strengthen the sexual muscles that lie between the base of the spine and the pubic bone. Get in touch with those muscles by contracting and releasing them alternately. You will feel the same sensation as if you were holding urine. The next thing you should do is practice while you are masturbating. See how long you can delay ejaculation and maintain an erection, when it is alone and can fail. When you feel more confident, apply this in bed and surprise your wife.

The ego of all men feeds if they last and maintain an erection for longer to satisfy their women more. What you may not know is that by actively learning to contain your ejaculations, you will realize that you are making exceptional sexual gifts.

When you have learned to contain ejaculation voluntarily, by adding some breathing exercises you will know a new world of multiple orgasms. Men practice slow breathing along with delayed ejaculation to allow sexual and erotic sensations to grow and flow throughout the body. This causes multiple orgasms without ejaculating. You can have as many of these orgasms as you want until you decide to end it. It really is a wonderful experience. No need for any drugs.

Of all techniques to last longer in bed, Containing ejaculation will probably take more time and practice. If you are interested, this technique will guarantee a life of satisfactions. It may not work for everyone, but there are pills and creams like sizegainer pro for that group of men. You can check at for more detials. These pills also help in having longer sex time with big penis. So you can satisfy your partner. Also read how the pills work to have bigger penis.

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Why Men Buy Sex Dolls

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A real stir is causing the new models of Japanese sex dolls ever more real, and everyone wonders why they buy more than them. A specialist helps us to understand this phenomenon a little more.

In China and Japan, the production of sex dolls is becoming a million-dollar industry. It is that more and more men choose a companion of silicone for having sex.

Companies, ready to win market, are obsessed with realism, to the point that a brand, Orient Industry, says in its publicity that any man who buys one of his dolls, will never want a real girlfriend or wife again.

The idea of ​​having a sex toy of this type, can actually hide a big problem in a man. “I would say they have difficulty connecting with the other, to establish a commitment, they are afraid of facing a real bond, with all that implies,” said Alicia Lacal, a psychologist at the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina.

It Is Difficult To Distinguish Them From A Woman

The first inflatable dolls were plastic and had a hole to inflate them and another to have sex, but the ones that are sold now are creepy real: they have a soft skin, almost human look, voice, measures similar to those of women, breasts to taste, vaginal holes, anal, clitoris, a pleasure combo.
And of course, a thousand different styles, students, dancers, housewives, which leads them to think that they can buy the woman of their dreams, someone who will never ask for anything in return.

Is it unhealthy to have a sex doll? Of course, says psychologist Lacal, “it has to do with a narcissistic issue of giving oneself pleasure and nothing more, of satisfying an orgasmic need without connecting with another person.” Man believes that he can thus fulfill his desires and have the woman ideal that does not ask for anything in return, however, this fantasy can leave the great emptiness, the emptiness that there is no other to relate.

When asked why more men than women buy sex dolls, the mental health specialist believes that for a matter of differences about how male and female sexuality works.

Women have a structure of sexuality that goes beyond the biological, they need to connect with the other, and in addition, “while they enjoy the sexual act in itself, the woman needs more games and previous excitement, rather than the dolls they can not give you, “said Lacal.

Sexual Initiation With A Wrist?

We can consider this type of doll as a symbolic sexual object that was specially made to sexually arouse, but “can be analyzed from multiple meanings according to the sexuality of each person,” said Psychologist Verónica Vaccari, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

For example, it sometimes functions as an exploratory object in the transition to an adult sexuality (in the adolescent stage) that manages to include another subject in the sexual encounter, with the anxieties and fears that this arouses – not to like, not to power, to be judged – and anxiety is calmed by having control over the object (wrist).

She also believes that she can if she can not leave this modality and “the erotic life is fixed to the doll as only object of satisfaction, seriously limits the development of a full sexuality. It often happens that because of guilt or shame, many men have problems and do not consult a professional, “finished Vaccari.

The sex dolls are looks same as live girls & you can feel the same when you are doing sex. If you are thinking to buy sex dolls then we advice to see best sex dolls in 2017 – buyer’s guide before you purchase any. Also read how to use sex dolls effectively so you can have sex dolls for longer time.

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Powerful Benefits Of Having A Good Website

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1 Benefit: People Can Search Gor You Online

Sooner or later, someone is going to look for your name or your business on Google.

What do you think they will find? Nothing, or worse, to your competition. These people are trying to find you … and they expect to find you online. If you do not have a website, you are abandoned … and you are losing money.

For many people, it does not exist if they do not find it online. Not having a website is like not showing up in the phone book. Can you develop a serious business without a phone? We are now living in the “Information Age” and as a phone, having a website is crucial to the success of any serious business.

2  Benefit:   Your Website Will Be Open 24 Hours A Day

When you have a website, new and current customers can find information about your business and your sales. They can even make purchases online. This gives you the ability to earn money day and night, 7 days a week.

3  Benefit:   You Will Have Instant Redemption

Having a well-designed website allows you to establish a credible and professional image instantly for you and your business.

4  Benefit:   You Will Have An Economic Marketing Channel

Websites that offer a form of promotion with low cost for you, your products and your services to a local, national or international public. The cost is minimal compared to the high cost of media and traditional advertising.

5  Benefit:   You Will Be Able To Penetrate Profitable Market Niches

It is relatively low cost to run a website that allows entrepreneurs and small business owners to focus their marketing efforts on small, highly selective groups with potential customers who want highly specialized products and services.

6  Benefit:   You Can Get Key Information On Customer Behavior

Analyzes on the Internet allow website owners to track the online behavior of all who visit your site. This type of information can help a company greatly increase the success of their online marketing campaigns.

7  Benefit:   You Will Have More Opportunities To Generate Passive Income

With a New Website Birmingham, you can create a virtual store or sales page that allows customers to place orders and pay through the Internet. All this can happen automatically and without your direct participation. Imagine not having to trade your time and hard work for money. Your website is combined with e-commerce systems. You can earn potential passive income streams. Everything on autopilot.

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Technical Characteristics To Be Consider In Kitchen Robot

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In almost all electronic devices the power is a point where you have to stop when consulting the technical label of the product. It is a very important section because it determines the quality, speed and quantity of food that we can cook.

From 400 W the power of a kitchen robot is adequate, although you can find models in the market with up to 900 watts. Generally, the larger the size, the greater the power.

Built-In Accessories Such As Blades And Blades

The most important thing is the material of these objects. Always look for those that are made with stainless steel and apart from that, the more, the better. The best thing is that they exist of several types and sizes, adapted to the different culinary actions that you are going to execute.

Different types of blades, hooks, rods, interchangeable cups, juicers, the options are multiple. The most suitable thing is that they are easy to clean, to exchange and to be of a high quality.

Capacity And Size

Obviously it is not the same cooking for 2 people as for 6, so you must take into account the quantities you are going to cook. Remember that the bigger the size, the higher the price and the larger the space they occupy.

This rendering of the kitchen robot varies depending on the model acquired, but try to at least approximate the liter of capacity.


The juice usually has a capacity that doubles to those of the traditional basic blenders, and if you laugh pulp tank, you will save that it enters the juice container, which lightens the cleaning.


Removable to facilitate the cleaning process: this way you can wash by hand or in your dishwasher those parts that become dirty more frequently.


See if the kitchen robot in question has some automatic locking mechanism to make cooking time safer.

To be completely safe it is a key that has a wide base that prevents the instability and vibrations of the device. It is also key that they consist of lids that close completely and protection against the overheating.


It can really be very annoying to buy an appliance that makes too much noise, so it is appropriate to opt for a model with a few decibels, but obviously the quieter models are the most expensive.

If we cater to the best brands of kitchen robots, there are four that stand out above the rest: Bosch, Philips, Kenwood and Tefal, all leading the domestic appliances industry.

Their kitchen robots are effective and competitive, valued positively by their consumers thanks to their large number and diversity of functions – sprinkle, knead, grate, grind, beat, grind, liquefy – and their pieces made with stainless steel material.

Final: We hope the above tips will help you to find a best cooking robot. The most used product wordwide is moulinex maxichef with excellent features. You can check more information at Also read how to use the cooking robot & the benefits of having a cooking robot.

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